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Anyway thanks again for your help and suggestions. Also for the reading the directions on the page that specified the best resource. Those morons must have omitted it from the page I loaded more humor on me. Tue Mar 10, Always glad to be of some assistance to a fellow guitarist. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. You maybe able to find these in a large library.

And as a last resort the page - http: Please refer to the guides before each chart for information on how to interpret the data.

New Gear: The Guild D-55, A Highly Playable Powerhouse

Unfortunately, the records of Guild serial numbers prior to are somewhat sketchy, and so we are unable to assure the accuracy of dating before that time. The following chart, however, details the best information we have for the approximate last serial numbers produced in each given year before There are no corresponding model names or numbers available.

The following chart displays the first and last serial numbers of guitars produced in each given year to Between the years and , Guild returned to the system which used a separate serial number prefix for each guitar model. The following chart details the year, the guitar model, and the last serial number produced for each model in each given year. For sure my guitar was made in the Rhode Island plant, they were in R. There are two serial numbers on the guitar. One on the inside label, which is GAD The other is stamped on the wood inside and is Can anyone help me determine this information?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Can you help me find out when it was made?

Guild Guitars, serial numbers

I have a guild d50ce with serial number cvp Can to tell me where and when it was made. I am trying to date a model: Would love to know value..

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The easiest way to tell is to go outside, hold the guitar to the light so you can clearly make out the writing…. Okay, now rapidly and repeatedly, in a swinging motion bring the guitar onto your face.

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But you sure know when it broke! I have a G37 blonde ash archback any ideas on vintage and value , Possibly for sale going Sailing must be 40 years old This guitar rings like a bell and knows all the songs, Just hold and strum.

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I have a Guild string acoustic with model F NT. Is Guild still in business?

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I need a case for this guitar. None of the dating guides have this specific.

go site There are some that are close. Thanks for reading my blog.


This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. X model EG Serial. Is there any reference information available that connects serial 's to production dates? I hope this helps. From what I can see after using [crtl]-F on Guild's http: Thu Jan 17, Is the a link to a site where I can find guild guitar serial numbers, especially the old ones I own a guild guitar serial BL, can anyone help me in identifying what year and model it is called.

For you and some of the others who have asked similar questions thanks also but I have no further info beyond the links I have given. I am a fellow musician, I have a beloved mid 80s vint Guild dreadnought so i did the research. Hope I could help all of you more. Looking for the origins of a songbird nt serial KK I just bought a guild D4 bk hg.

DATING YOUR GUILD. YEAR. APPROXIMATE LAST SERIAL NUMBER PRODUCED. Two other highly reliable resources for dating Guild instruments are The Guild Guitar Book and Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Guitars, both of which are excellent.