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Remember our first pick This OneSocial theme is from the same developer and it does include a similar set of features, … Read full review. The dating niche is a popular and rewarding niche that everyone is now focusing on In the quest to find love online, a … Read full review. As I mentioned above, bbPress is the highly recommended product which is available for free But, it gets integrated … Read full review. MemberPress is an incredibly popular premium WordPress plugin to create membership sites It allows you to create … Read full review.


ARMember is a completely included participation stage for WordPress You can utilize this module to make an enrollment … Read full review. WP Symposium Pro comes with a simple, easy solution to create dating network and social media websites As you can … Read full review. Get your social networking site do a kudos job with this amazing Kudos WP theme The high responsiveness rate of this … Read full review. Engage is a WordPress social networking theme that utilizes bbPress and BuddyPress plugins to enable you design and … Read full review. The company has been around for five years and you have one success?

You had ample time to fix the bugs and you chose not to. You had them for for a month. I stand behind my statement that this plugin will not get you a real dating site. There are other solutions out there like whiteboxdating. Michael has a history with dating scripts and not so happy customers as you can read here: The reviews till the end of on WPMajor gave a good impression how the plugin used to be and are in-line with what we discovered after the take over. In our 2 monthly releases we add many new features and improvements.

Well, in my opinion, it is a very bad idea to build a dating site on WordPress. WordPress is not for that and it can also be very dangerous to base a such Web service on WP. Finally, Everyone knows that WP is very famous we know a lot of popular blogs running on WP , but do you know any popular dating site running on it… There is zero! If you still want to build a Web dating business, Recently I discovered a professional dating site builder.

I just test it on local and and was doing its job very well and looks really good and professional. Hi, If you want a free plugin for professional dating website, try the Rencontre plugin: A free powerful and exhaustive dating plugin with private messaging, webcam chat, search by profile and automatic sending of email. A very powerful and flexible free plugin. Hello everyone, I recently purchased the dating plugin from http: I bought the multisite version with russification for my client. The solution is slow specially their chat and members conversation and not working in Russian at all.

The support team just ruined my site and translated it back to English. Lost my client, lost my money.


They have no money return policy, whatever bad experience you have. They wrote it on their site. Please avoid my mistakes and save your money before it is too late!!! Share if you care for your friends not loosing their money! I am sure they have got one for you. They responded on my first, but never got back to me on my subsequent email.

I was going to buy the multisite version …if thats how they respond to potential customers, what will they support look like after I purchase the plugin?? Thanks for all the comments here guys!! We are specialist in custom E-Cigarette boxes at your own desire. Get our e cigarette boxes are enough to show your style.

I asked many questions prior to purchasing.

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One of the questions was: It is available for purchase. What they did not tell me was: Stripe does NOT have the same features as paypal…which I did not discover until after setting up my website. With Stripe, you cannot use: The plugin also produced a substandard UI which, of course, they offered to fix for an extra fee. Can you please wait for them to be done in the next couple of days? We will not provide you a refund until you remove the review from Trustpilot. First, we have not lied anything to anyone.

We have got our demo sites with its credentials on our live site. As well as our support team shows our demo site before a user buys, so they can be clear and confident about what they will be receiving in the package. We do not sugarcoat anything just to sell a product. We believe and focus on long-term business rather than just selling our products for short-term profit. We clearly know and follow that solving issue and providing support to our customer is our primary objective.

There is nothing to lie here. Again, our ex-client became furious for delivering one day after the deadline. He was not ready to accept that so again we tried to console him that this was the NEW FEATURE addition in our add-ons, so we require a couple of days for compatibility testing and to confirm that it meets our company standard. We have done everything that he requested so for that reason we denied him his refund request.


In this situation, we had a valid reason. We have clearly stated this in our terms and condition too. We want to inform that http: After his malicious behavior, our board member decided to give him the refund because we can fully focus on giving support to existing customer. We already gave him refund but he still tries to harm our reputation. We agree that Stripe did not have the features that he wants, but we have added the features as per his request.

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We did everything that he said and now he got the refund too. Even after that if he tries to bully us with fake reviews, we have nothing to prove. We are the legitimate organization that becomes happy when our clients make their dating site with our Dating Software and succeed in their business. His mission might be to harm us, but our mission is to provide excellent service to our customer.

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August 16th, By: Jean Galea Responses. Posted in Plugins Tagged dating plugins , dating software wordpress. Here are my experiences with DatingSolutions. Amber, your response makes no sense to me and is confusing as all hell. Amber May 26, at Marcin July 26, at Jean Galea August 16, at Amber July 27, at Thanks for taking the time to read my comment Marcin. Jean Galea July 27, at Glad you sorted things out Amber, happy to be of help.

IMO July 29, at DatingSolutions August 1, at Bramwell August 16, at Elise May 25, at Mike September 22, at Jean Galea September 22, at Mike September 23, at Jean Galea September 24, at Mike September 24, at He is trying to sell it for 3 years already rofl.

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DSM September 25, at Shaly September 25, at Mike September 25, at Jean Galea September 25, at Gentlemen, lets try to keep the language decent here. Tyler January 1, at Hi, All Just want to buy dating solutions plugins but I quited becuase of your reviews. If anyone knows of a legit dating plugin, I am willing to check out one more. Jean Galea March 6, at You decided to build it yourself? Hows that working out for you?

Simone joye April 27, at Laura Marie March 9, at DatingSolutions March 9, at Jean Galea March 9, at Sillyvalleyg March 10, at Ryan March 9, at Clayton Thomas March 9, at Hi everyone, I am in the process of creating a dating website and my designer asked me to take a look at this plugin. Mike March 24, at Jean Galea March 24, at Thank you all for the responses. So, good… No good to go with Dating Solutions plugin?

My questions… Ryan singles. April 7, at Hi Judi, I am in the process to install the plugin but have not yet published. Do you know any way around this?

Why does the size limit? WeirdMike April 7, at Weird Mike April 7, at Blake April 8, at John May 6, at Sillyvalley May 6, at Paco May 6, at Hey guys, Can you be more specific? DavisJ May 6, at I meant the John and SillyValley guy. WeirdMike May 7, at Paco May 7, at Barry May 25, at WeirdMike May 25, at Barry May 26, at WeirdMike May 27, at Ulrik Motzfeldt June 3, at Stovetopguy July 2, at Jean Galea July 2, at StoveTopGuy July 2, at Jean Galea July 3, at Thanks for the info, lets see what direction this company will give to the plugin.

Haico July 14, at Mike G July 24, at Hello, Thanks Jean for this great review page.


They make money and that is the bottom line. In my instance it took a lot of communication before I was recognized as an existing customer I purchased the software in so my original comment was solely based on my customer service experience of that process and not product experience. Sorry but I have to say that negative reviews should not be censored. NOW i dont know how to edit most of it! Get WP Symposium plugin. Hey John and Paco, you guys sound like trolls. Remove Rencontre Widget Creates confusion on new install.

Haico July 25, at Roshan December 16, at Jerry Jones December 30, at Big Jon Stud January 11, at So out of all this hubaloo… Does anyone have a better alternative on wordpress? Hawkins March 7, at HuntersGo March 12, at Jean Galea March 13, at Cindy August 18, at Raghab March 20, at Hello HuntersGo, We appreciate you continuing the conversation here. HuntersGo March 21, at Datingsolutions March 21, at Oliver April 11, at Andrew September 23, at Luba February 9, at JasonLee February 26, at Jake March 15, at WierdMike May 1, at WordPress as a dating site is the worst.

You will have issues. You get what you pay for.